Dear Parents/Guardians,

We all come to a time where we need to start letting our children become adults. This time is never easy and often filled with angst and fear. We are afraid that our children will suffer, fail, or evade their newfound responsibilities. Letting go is an act of faith. Faith that all the loving lessons we so openly provided to our children would sink and would become part of who they are. Faith the example we live each day will be enough for our children to want to live that way too. Faith that all the encouragement we have provided over the years will have sparked some excitement and motivation to create an amazing life.

We don’t have to have blind faith. We can give the tools to our children that will help them side step some of those pitfalls perhaps we ourselves fell into. This test is not to deem someone unfit to start their journey into adulthood. Rather it is a tool to guide them.

Download the exam and let the fun begin!

With Love,
Nicole Roach

The Roach Family Exit Exam Files
The Exit Exam Exam Answer Key Certificate of Completion

The certificate of completion is in PDF format and the exam and exam answer key are in Microsoft Word. If you do not have Microsoft Word, there is a reader version of Microsoft Word that will allow you to open/view/print Word documents.

For the PDF, there is Adobe Acrobat Reader.